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Tuesday, 29 October 2013 13:11
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Solid Waste Treatment



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Partnership (to look for a partner in China)

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Possibilities and advantages of well known, proven technologies are initially linked to the concept of the Project JPDE1301 and expanded by their bundling. The combination of different systems by this German company offers a diversified technology portfolio and specific solutions. Through a combination of methods, from a coal-fired power plant or an autonomous system for example up to a landfill to generate electricity, the technology is a cost-effective and future-oriented concept to be implemented in a waste project in China.

Despite sophisticated technology of waste incineration, pyrolysis technology has a better acceptance:  lower exhaust volumes, lower temperatures, less pollution, no air pollution etc.

A key advantage: pyrolysis leads to no secondary waste - such as fly ash - difficult to eliminate Pyrolysis offers far more economic opportunities than incineration.


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