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2Q 2013, Qingdao SEN-CONSULT Co., Ltd. signed a Partnership Agreement with LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH (LNC) to enhance their comprehensive cooperation in aviation and aerospace industry as well as logistic industry.

As the president of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) Aviation and LNC, Mr Stefan Schroeder visited Qingdao as invited by SEN-CONSULT in early 2013 and held a meeting with representatives from Qingdao aviation enterprises, during which a broad consensus on further aviation cooperations between Lower Saxony and Shandong Province were reached. Meanwhile, LNC and SEN-CONSULT both determined to strengthen their cooperation in China and Germany and work jointly to lead and promote the pragmatic cooperation between Chinese and German enterprises in aviation and logistic areas.

Located in Hannover, the capital of the State Lower Saxony, LNC is a consulting company which collects various resources and provides multiple services in logistics area. It is also the operating unit of Logistics Alliance Germany, Niedersachsen Aviation and Niedersachsen Logistics Portal. Logistics Alliance Germany, an initiative by the federal government, is an European logistic enterprises association; Niedersachsen Aviation together with more than 200 German aviation enterprises aims at promoting the development of aviation and aerospace industry in Northern Germany and strengthening the national and international competitiveness of Lower Saxony; Niedersachsen Logistics Portal is a regional logistic network in Lower Saxony.

SEN-CONSULT started its activity in aviation industry from 2009 and successfully helped Broetje-Automation GmbH (BA) enter Chinese market and establish its first branch in Asia last year. Moreover, SEN-CONSULT forged ahead actively in aviation industry, supported several German aviation enterprises and organizations to visit China and participated in the negotiations of several aviation projects in China.