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Dr. Andreas Szesny appointed GM of BRÖTJE-Automation Subsidiary in Shanghai PDF Print E-mail

Following five years of cooperation with Wiefelstede based BRÖTJE -Automation GmbH, the 16th of January saw Dr. Andreas Szesny, senior consultant and founder of the QGSC established as managing director of the newly founded subsidiary Shanghai BRÖTJE-Automation Equipment and Trading Co. Ltd.

The 16th of January 2012 thus marks a significant date in the company history of BRÖTJE-Automation GmbH. With the successful registry of a business license, the German provider of specialized production processes in the aviation and aerospace industry has officially finalized the founding of the wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai.

Starting out with eight employees in sales and distribution, service, and procurement, the subsidiary will now officially begin operations in the Chinese coastal city. The company will recruit and train a predominantly local team and purchase certain components from Chinese suppliers. Thus, in addition to operating in a spirit of trust and partnership with Chinese leading manufacturers, Broetje prepares a certain percentage of 'local contents' made in China.

Bernd Schroeder, managing director of BRÖTJE-Automation GmbH emphasizes the importance of the growing aviation industry in China and is confident in Dr. Szesny’s ability to establish a strong market presence for BRÖTJE:

"We will continue to expand our service offerings and our technical presence in the important markets. It is vital that our customers have access to qualified services on a regional basis. This is exactly what we will be providing in China from now on!"