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Official Opening of the GC EXPO Platform PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 May 2010 00:00

ANOTHER  celebration took place on 3 Mar 2010 for the official opening of the GC EXPO Platform in Shanghai German Centre following the launch of  the largest World Expo in history.

Dipl.-Ing. Architect WU Wei together with QGSC General Manager Dr. Andreas Szesny was invited to the ceremony as the chief designer and partner for the German Energy Centre and College (GECC) Pavilion, which is one of the innovative master pieces with attractive art outlook.  In the speech of the opening ceremony, Johannes Freise, the GECC General Manager, expressed his thanks to Ms. Wu and her team’s great contributions to not only the building itself, but also the general plan for the overall platform.

While the building is meant to be the shell for a bigger idea, providing the forum for knowledge transfer and sustainable education, it comes along with pure design serving this function. Technologies applied are well-selected and sponsored by solution providers, they are not meant to be high-tech, out of reach for normal developments in China, but applicable choices for real world projects. The energy concept is a smart assembly of economically feasible and mature technology, which in combination is able to provide the sustainable quality aspired by a new class of aware and more demanding occupants, building owners and house buyers. Systems approach and holistic optimization allows achieving high quality on an optimal budget.   

The building houses one  exhibition space and a large seminar room for about 60 people on the first floor and an office and smaller seminar room on the second floor. It can be rented for seminars and exhibitions as well as for business receptions.

As the Director of Building Design Department in QGSC, Ms. WU Wei is dedicated in building innovations and energy efficient application in China and Germany. Besides the GECC project, she is also the city planning expert appointed by German Corporate of Technical Cooperation (GTZ) for the city of Shouguang in Shandong Province.

For more information feel free to visit: German Center.